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Add a 4 foot  47 1/4" Covered Bridge, Trestle Bridge,  and Flat Bridge, stained with Gunstock (above). 

47 1/4" Trestle Bridge &  Covered Bridge with shingles stained with Min Wax Golden Oak (above) 

47 1/4" Trestle Bridge stained with Red Oak (above)

47 1/4" Covered Bridge stained with Min Wax Fruitwood (above)

47 1/4" Flat Bridge & Covered bridge stained with Colonial Maple (above)

47 1/4" Flat Bridge & Covered Bridge stained with Min Wax Special walnut. Natural pine shinges on one side of the roof left unstained. (above)

23 5/8" Covered Bridge available for smaller rooms. $192.50

Customize your railroad with your name on a sign $12.00. In sitca bold type.

Add a G or O scale  safety wire system that goes around your whole layout
  Photo represents a G-scale safety wire system. The safety wire system are two wires parallel to the track bed on each side with one partial hangers on each curve. The crossed wires from the top of each hanger to the bottom of each hanger on the straights are included with your ceiling train kit.

Photo represents O-scale
safety wire system $15.00 each 
bracket. 8 in total for a 5' and 6' curve $120.00. 12 in total for a 8' curve $180.00

11"x 11"x 11" transformer shelf $75.00

  Custom fit a pola LGB 923 water tower building kit (15" hanger requiered for G-scale water tower), train station, or anything you would like to add to your layout, platform size 9Lx7W platforms available or pack them together for a 9Lx14W or 9Lx21W $20.00 each.Platforms will fit on modern design.

Minwax oil Classic Gray
Minwax Wood Finish Oil Based Stain

Color Samples 26 colors to choose from.

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