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Scotts tin plate standard gauge train with 0-72 curves.

Run two trains with a parallel siding.

Ceiling Train Kit

3' Hangers for a 10' ceiling

 Ceiling Train Kit  featured at Hobby Town USA at 101 S. Bishop Ave. Secane PA. G-scale running on Aristo Craft track with 8' curves, 16" hangers attached to a commercial drop ceiling, 4' covered bridge, 4' flat bridge, and safety wire.

 Weave and I are elated about our home - and the train is the crowning glory - thanks for doing such a great job of it - i am so glad it all happened!
                                Thanks Susan

  Greg's G-scale train with  8' curves, Aristo-craft track, 13 1/2" hangers running around his game room.

  Stewart's Root Beer restauran
with Danny's G-scale Ceiling Train Kit attached to a commercial drop ceiling running on Aristo-craft track

  James ceiling train with O - scale & MTH track with 12" hangers for his son's
room Round Rock, TX.

 Waynes G-scale ceiling train with 15" hangers,  Aristo-Craft track and a covered bridge with shingles, running around his sons room in Lansdowne, VA.  Video featured on this website by Wayne.

  Ric's O-scale passenger
 car ceiling train stained with red mahogany in his billiard & game room running on Gar Graves track with 12" hangers in Duluth, MN.      

  Bill's G-scale Hershey park ceiling train and layout running on Aristo-craft track in Greensburg, PA.

Dave's O
-scale bump-n-go trolley running on 10' of MTH track in Fairfax VA.

  Glenn's Rio Grande southern G-scale running on Aristo-Craft track through his living room in Bueno Park CA.

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